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About Proxima 8

In April, 2010 US cryptocurrency enthusiasts created a new platform for secure trading. Not fast profit, but saving traders privacy was the main goal and they got fantastic success: in 2021 more than one million traders worldwide have chosen Proxima 8.

About Proxima 8 holding

In May, 2021 we found Proxima 8 holding - an online investment platform. We need new investment to daily improve our secure standards due to the total world control in 2021. And our best traders who get at least 100% monthly profit are happy to share their profit with you - investors of Proxima 8, because you help us to stay the most secure trading platform in the world. Our mission is to provide a secure and profitable investment offer to everyone!

Proxima 8 LTD - the first company from worldwide holding was established in London, UK 27 July 2021. In Autumn 2021 next one will be established in Delaware, USA

The Roadmap

To get a full version of the road map for 2022-2030 please contact our Investment relations department:

Investment offer

For your security maximum amount of on-line investment is $5000. We have individual offer for investment more than $5000 and provide our investors special guarantee. Please contact -

Why Proxima 8?

No transaction fees

Reliable investment offer

Strong teams & Advisors

Professional management team

Protects the identity

Privacy guaranteed

Cloud Based

Strong DDoS protection

Affiliate program


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1 day plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's really easy! Sign up, add your deposit and make your first deposit.
Feel free to contact us anytime and any issues you have!
You can start invest from just $10. Maximum amount for on-line investment is $5000.
We have individual offer for investment more than $5000. Please contact investors relations department to get all details.
Yes. We pay referral commission from all deposits, including deposit from account balance.
Everyone can! You don't need to be a famous social media blogger or experienced in business.
Just contact us and we provide you all details.
You will earn 10% from all amount your referrals deposited. And more you will get all information before everyone else.
We are going to open offices in 8 countries in 2021-2022. You can become a head of them. Impossible is nothing!

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